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We take great pride in our excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and the ability to deliver outstanding results


Why choose Resin Bound over Resin Bond: 

Resin Bond - This is only glued on the bottom meaning the stone will become loose quickly with a single layer surface.

Resin Bound -  A multi layer smooth finish that will not become loose, Resin Bound is is Eco friendly, UV stable, and will last years. 

Resin Bound not only looks amazing, it allows water to flow through as it is a permeable surface. 

In simple terms:

  • Attractive Finish - Have your own unique design

  • Hard Wearing, Slip Resistances

  • Low Maintenance

  • Permeable - Reduced flood risk and no puddles

  • SuDS (Suitable Drainage Standards) compliant

  • Stronger than Concrete

  • Variety of Colours

  • Fast Installation

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • No Loose Stones 

No matter what your project might be, our craftsman will work to meet your aspirations - Call us today and get your free no obligation quote. 

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